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Issue Date: January 28, 2013

ACS Launches Two New Video Series

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Keywords: awards, Kavli, Breakthrough Science, Chemistry over Coffee: Conversations with Celebrated Scientists
Credit: ACS
Breakthrough Science screen shot.
Credit: ACS
Credit: ACS
“Chemistry Over Coffee” ACS imagery.
Credit: ACS

ACS Publications has launched a new video series called “Breakthrough Science” (pubs.acs.org/page/videos/breakthrough​science.html), which highlights research articles published in ACS’s more than 40 scientific journals.

In the inaugural video, authors of a recent paper in ACS Nano talk about the development of visibly transparent solar cells that could result in windows in buildings worldwide functioning as solar panels (DOI: 10.1021/nn3029327).

The ACS Office of Public Affairs has also introduced a new video series, called “Chemistry over Coffee: Conversations with Celebrated Scientists” (www.acs.org/chemistryovercoffee). The series features noted scientists discussing their research and the status of knowledge in their fields.

The first episode features a discussion on nanotechnology between Chad Mirkin, director of Northwestern University’s International Institute for Nanotechnology, and Paul S. Weiss, director of the California NanoSystems Institute and editor-in-chief of ACS Nano.

Future episodes will feature other world-renowned chemists.


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