Volume 91 Issue 4 | pp. 89-92
Issue Date: January 28, 2013

ACS Member Support: Help For The Unemployed

Department: Career & Employment | Collection: Economy
Keywords: bachelor’s, employment, skills, recruiting, jobs

Many chemists are still struggling to find jobs. The American Chemical Society offers career assistance and special discounts to its unemployed members.

National dues: Waiveda

National meeting registration: Free

Regional meeting registration: Reduced fees

ACS Leadership Development System: Reduced rateb

ACS Short Courses: 50% discount

ACS Member Insurance Program: Life insurance premiums deferred

Online discussion forums on LinkedIn and the ACS Network, where members can share experiences and job search resources; ACS career consultants are available to offer advice

ACS Careers is starting an online job club for unemployed members; the group meets via Web conferencing on Tuesdays, 2–3 PM ET, to exchange job-hunting tips and support; sign up online through the ACS Careers site

A list of local and national job-hunting resources includes job boards, job clubs, employer information, and other resources

For a full listing of benefits for unemployed members, visit www.acs.org/unemployed.

Free career assistance tools for all ACS members:

Access to the ACS Network (www.acs.org/acsnetwork)

For more information (www.acs.org/careers)

a Apply for a waiver by contacting ACS with your name and member number via e-mail at service@acs.org or by calling (800) 333-9511 or (614) 447-3776. Dues may be waived for up to two years for unemployed members in good standing. b Enroll in one online course for $25, get three online courses free.

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Mohammad Ashfaq Ahmed Khan (Wed Feb 27 00:08:39 EST 2013)
I have ACS member.I want job in USA.or any other country.plz help me.
I give my email address please help me.
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