Volume 91 Issue 4 | p. 12
Issue Date: January 28, 2013

Cover Stories: The Ecolabeling Game

Major Cleaning Product Ingredient Lists

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Keywords: cleaning, detergents, ecolabel, environment, safety

Safer Chemical Ingredients List: A recently launched list of more than 500 safer chelating agents, colorants, defoamers, enzymes, fragrances, oxidants, polymers, preservatives, solvents, surfactants, and other ingredients for cleaning products. Products are marked with a green circle, a half-green circle, or a yellow triangle in decreasing order of environmental safety. Suppliers are not named. Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency

Credit: GreenBlue
GreenBlue’s CleanGredients logo.
Credit: GreenBlue

CleanGredients: A list of approximately 430 preferred surfactants, solvents, chelating agents, and fragrances plus companies that supply them. Products are considered to have superior environmental characteristics compared with conventional alternatives. Categories are being expanded to include all in the Safer Chemical Ingredients List. Sponsor: GreenBlue

Credit: American Cleaning Institute
Logo of the American Cleaning Institute.
Credit: American Cleaning Institute

Cleaning Product Ingredient Inventory: A list of more than 900 chemicals used by American Cleaning Institute member companies to manufacture consumer cleaning products. Launched last year, the list is scheduled to be linked to publicly available health and environmental safety data. Longer term, ACI plans to conduct exposure assessments and screening-level risk assessments. Sponsor: American Cleaning ­Institute

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Hello I'm in the detergent business also and I'm trying to find new ingredients to spice up my products. Please help or is there another website where I can get them.
Dawid (February 16, 2016 9:12 PM)
Thank you
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