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Free Chemistry Journal Articles

ACS News: Significant papers of wide interest are posted free online
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Free ACS Editors’ Choice articles are being drawn from the society’s 44 journals.
Free ACS Editors' Choice articles are being drawn from the society's 44 journals.
Free ACS Editors’ Choice articles are being drawn from the society’s 44 journals.

Beginning this year, the American Chemical Society will post online every day one new peer-reviewed article of broad scientific interest. The articles are recommended by ACS journal editors. The society, which publishes C&EN, launched the “ACS Editors’ Choice” service on Jan. 1.

“Most of us lack sufficient time to read articles outside of our primary field, but would like to stay up on new developments in the chemical sciences,” notes Analytical Chemistry Editor Jonathan V. Sweedler. “What better way to do this than by reading the articles selected by the editors of ACS as especially noteworthy and worth reading?” His journal provided one of the articles posted in the first week, concerning a method to localize d-amino acids in peptides (2013, DOI: 10.1021/ac4033824).

The first ACS Editors’ Choice paper was drawn from the Journal of the American Chemical Society; it covers a spectroscopic method that could help researchers determine how sugar molecules regulate infections and cell communication (2013, DOI: 10.1021/ja410086d). By coincidence, that same paper had caught the eye of a C&EN reporter, who wrote it up for the magazine (C&EN, Jan. 6, page 10).

Each journal’s editorial team makes recommendations for articles to be included in the ACS Editors’ Choice program. Selected papers must rank among the best content from each journal. Ideally, each article will include “new concepts that are paradigm-shifting in the field,” says JACS Editor Peter J. Stang.

The ACS Editors’ Choice articles can be viewed at pubs.acs.org/editorschoice.

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Peter Nowakowski (January 14, 2014 2:17 PM)
I know biochemistry is the current hot topic. Do you ever post anything other than bio/cell/medicine related articles? Something in the inorganic or organometallic area would be of more interest to me.
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