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Volume 92 Issue 36 | p. 40
Issue Date: September 8, 2014 | Web Date: September 7, 2014

For Director-At-Large: William F. Carroll Jr.

Department: ACS News
William F. Carroll Jr.

Dallas-Fort Worth Section. Occidental Chemical, Dallas

Academic record: DePauw University, B.A., 1973; Tulane University, M.S., 1975; Indiana University, Ph.D., 1978

Honors: Public Affairs Award, ACS Chicago Section, 2013; DePauw University Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, 2011; Harry & Carol Mosher Award, ACS Santa Clara Valley Section, 2011; ACS Division of Professional Relations Henry A. Hill Award, 2009; Indiana University Distinguished Alumni Service Award, 2009; ACS Division of Chemical Technicians K. Michael Shea Special Recognition Award, 2007; Vinyl Institute Roy T. Gottesman Leadership Award, 2000

Professional positions (for past 10 years): Occidental Chemical, vice president, 1996– ; Indiana University, Bloomington, adjunct industrial professor of chemistry, 1998–

Service in ACS national offices: Board of Directors, chair, 2012–14, director-at-large, 2009–14; immediate past-president, 2006, president, 2005, president-elect, 2004, councilor ex officio, 2004–14; Committee on Pensions & Investments, 2011–14; Committee on Audits, 2010–14; Board Executive Committee, 2010–14, 2004–06; Committee on Planning, 2010–14, 2004–06; Committee on Public Affairs & Public Relations, 2010–11, chair, 2010–11, 2005–06; Committee on Professional & Member Relations, 2009–11, 2004–05; Committee on Executive Compensation, 2004–09, chair, 2005–09; Council Policy Committee (voting), 2004–06, chair, 2005; Committee on Budget & Finance, 2001–09, vice chair, 2006; Committee on International Activities, 2001–03, chair, 2001–03

Member: Member of ACS since 1974. Royal Society of Chemistry, fellow; Society of Plastics Engineers; American Association for the Advancement of Science; National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers; National Fire Protection Association; IEEE. ACS Divisions: Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Professional Relations

Related activities: ACS Tour Speaker, 2002–14; Tulane University School of Science & Engineering Board of Advisers, 2008–16; State of California, Green Ribbon Science Panel, 2008–14; National Research Council, Chemical Sciences Roundtable, 2006–14, cochair, 2011–14; United Nations Environment Programme, Stockholm Convention, nongovernment organization representative, 1998–2014, Expert Group on Best Available Techniques & Best Environmental Practices, 2003–14, Dioxin Toolkit Group, 2006–14; Chlorine Chemistry Division, Operating Committee, 1996–2014; Vinyl Institute, Operating Committee, 1993–2014, chair, 1998–2003, 2007, 2010, 2014; Council of Scientific Society Presidents, board of directors, 2007–11, chair, 2009; DePauw University Science Advisory Board, 2004–11; Health, Product & Science Policy Committee, 2003–11; Committee on Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, cochair, 2008–10; International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry, U.S. National Committee, 2002–08; American Chemistry Council, Public Health Team, 1998–2003; State of Oregon, Department of Environmental Quality Rigid Packaging Task Force, 1993–95; State of Florida, Packaging Council, 1993–94; International Society of Fire Service Instructors, course, “Company Officer Development I,” instructor, 1986–89; 65 publications; two patents


Watch For Your Ballot

All voting members of ACS will receive ballots enabling them to vote for president-elect. Only members with mailing addresses in Districts III and VI will receive ballots to vote for director from those districts. Only voting councilors will receive ballots for the director-at-large elections.

All ballots will be mailed on Oct. 3. The deadline for voting or return of marked ballots, which may be done online or by paper ballot, respectively, is close of business on Nov. 14.

It’s an honor to be nominated to run for the board once more. Because I am a current board member, as a voter, you have a right to know both what I have done and what I hope to do.

Where we’ve been. My main goal for the past three years has been to encourage convergence among the three pillars of ACS: Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), Publications (Pubs), and Membership. I felt if we worked together more strongly to present a holistic experience to members and potential members, we could also become a more potent force for the chemistry enterprise.

We’ve made great progress. Pubs and CAS have been working together over the past three years to more tightly integrate two businesses that are key to the technical information landscape. From features operating within Pubs and SciFinder to exploration of a common platform for information processing and display and the new ACS ChemWorx product, we’re moving toward a time when information generation, publication, and retrieval will operate seamlessly—to the benefit of practitioners of science.

Additionally, we’ve added two new member benefits: 25 free downloads of ACS journal articles and 25 free tasks in SciFinder, with the option to buy more at a very favorable price. I’ve pushed for this for as long as I’ve been on the board, and members who don’t have access to the full set of ACS tools at work tell me they value these benefits greatly.

ACS Presentations on Demand is now fully embedded into the way we do national meetings. Members have voted with their “mice,” and they tell us they love the ability to see presentations they missed live.

We also ask nonmember authors in ACS journals who live all over the world to consider joining the society, and many take us up on it. This is a tough time for membership organizations; we have to be creative in making the value argument and innovating with products and services to continue to be the organization we want to be.

Where we’re going. It’s hard to deny that this is an inflection point in the history of the society. Before the vote in this election is made public, we expect to have chosen the next executive director and chief executive officer for the society. We are now less than six months into the term of a new president for CAS. My top near-term priority as a board member will be to make those transitions as smooth as possible.

In Pubs, our response to open access becomes progressively more critical as government funding agencies around the world embrace it. This year we set a strategy to satisfy these mandates and at the same time challenge the frontiers. ACS Editors’ Choice and the upcoming journal ACS Central Science can push the envelope of creative open access. How we adapt qualitywise and businesswise will be critical to the health of our operations in the next three years.

It’s all about people. I hope to have more of the best part of my involvement with ACS: the people. I’ve visited nearly 130 local sections—mostly as an ACS tour speaker—and had hundreds of sessions and private discussions with members, from students through retirees. I love that part of the job. Members expect us to deliver excellent science. They expect us to help them develop their careers. They expect us to help them shape the future. And they expect board members to care about them as individuals.

The chronic issues of employment are not behind us, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, nor will they be anytime soon. Here’s where our Career Pathways programs and the career consultants who teach them can help individual chemists present themselves in the best way possible. I know this because I am a career consultant. Every person who asks for assistance matters. I see the difference this work makes for students, postdocs, and older members alike.

Thanks. As I thank you for investing in me to this point, I also ask for your support in this, my final ACS election. In return, I offer you vision, energy, and a historical perspective in addition to the good humor you have come to expect. I promise to continue as a visible face and credible voice for chemists and chemistry. I would deeply appreciate receiving one of your votes.

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