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Volume 92 Issue 39 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: September 29, 2014

Another Point Of View

Department: Letters

Regarding the Business Concentrate “Chinese Firm Sours on Coal Chemicals,” it should be noted that there is another side to this story (C&EN, July 14, page 16). Our research and engineering firm, MR&E LLC, has exclusive rights to the intellectual property that Datang Power wanted to use to extract chemicals from coal.

Datang made an initial payment on those rights, acquired proprietary information, and then, having failed to make any further payments, attempted to make those processes work without our technical advice and assistance. In addition, Datang left two U.S. manufacturing companies holding the bag for final payments on equipment supplied with U.S. technology.

Now that they have been unable to make the process work, they declare the whole effort “unprofitable” and go on to other things. You could call it “chemical karma.”

Dennis W. Coolidge
Vice President, MR&E LLC
Perrysburg, Ohio

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