Volume 92 Issue 51 | p. 13 | Concentrates
Issue Date: December 22, 2014

Dynamic Membrane Transporter Protein Designed From Scratch

Four-helix bundle transports zinc and cobalt ions
Department: Science & Technology | Collection: Life Sciences
News Channels: Biological SCENE
Keywords: protein design, ion channel, ion transporter, helix bundle, chemical biology, computational chemistry

Richard P. Feynman, the often-quoted physicist, once wrote: “What I cannot create, I do not understand.” Researchers putting that maxim into practice are now a step closer to understanding membrane-spanning ion-transporter proteins: They’ve created a simple version from scratch (Science 2014, DOI: 10.1126/science.1261172). Scientists have designed numerous proteins to bind metal ions or catalyze simple reactions in the name of understanding protein folding and . . .

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