Periodic Graphics: The Chemistry Of Barbecue | July 13, 2015 Issue - Vol. 93 Issue 28 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 93 Issue 28 | p. 30
Issue Date: July 13, 2015

Periodic Graphics: The Chemistry Of Barbecue

Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning serves up some chemical facts about how grilling produces smoky flavor
By Andy Brunning
Department: Science & Technology | Collection: Life Sciences
News Channels: Biological SCENE, Organic SCENE
Keywords: Barbecue, grilling, charcoal, meat, Maillard reaction, smoky, carcinogens, syringol, guaiacol
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Credit: Andy Brunning/Compound Interest
Periodic Graphic shows molecules responsible for the delicious smoky flavor of barbecued meat.
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Credit: Andy Brunning/Compound Interest

A collaboration between C&EN and Andy Brunning, chemistry educator and author of the popular graphics blog Compound Interest. To see more of Brunning’s work, go to Check out all of C&EN’s Periodic Graphics here.

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Annamarie Door (Sat Jun 04 10:20:05 EDT 2016)
I love the topics that you choose to cover. They have been a great way to start chemistry class with my high-schoolers. It gets their minds started while still being low key and applicable to their lives.
James Lillibridge (Tue Jun 07 11:03:27 EDT 2016)
When teaching high school biology, specifically about biomolecules and then again when discussing cancer, I mention this very topic. Thanks to you I will now have a visual aid to show more details about this subject. You really do a great job! I also downloaded an article about microplastics from your sources so I can bring that awareness to the high schoolers as well. Thank you so much!
Jim Lillibridge
Biology/Biomedical Innovation Instructor
Wando High School
Mount Pleasant, SC 29414

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