Volume 93 Issue 37 | p. 9 | News of The Week
Issue Date: September 21, 2015 | Web Date: September 17, 2015

Making Glycoconjugate Vaccines More Uniform And Effective

Immunology: Study demonstrates that vaccine efficacy depends on amino acid site where researchers attach sugar antigens to carrier protein
Department: Science & Technology | Collection: Life Sciences
News Channels: Biological SCENE, Organic SCENE
Keywords: vaccine, glycoconjugate

Glycoconjugate vaccines can spur the body’s immune system to seek out and attack pathogens or cancer cells on the basis of which specific sugar chains decorate those targets. Approved vaccines for conditions such as meningitis and pneumonia work through such sugar-based antigens.

To make glycoconjugate vaccines, scientists nearly always attach the sugars randomly to amino acids in carrier proteins to enhance the carbohydrates’ ability to elicit an immune response.

Now, researchers have used several reactions . . .

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