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  • Aug. 24, page 3: The Science & Technology Concentrate about potential antialcoholism agents incorrectly states that naltrexone is addictive and can cause depression. It can cause gastrointestinal problems.
    ◾ Sept. 7, page 3: The blue spheres on the cover of the magazine were described incorrectly in the table of contents. They represent magnesium ions essential for the cutting of DNA, not positions where Cas9 cuts DNA.
Volume 93 Issue 38 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: September 28, 2015

Poetic Research

Department: Letters

After reading about the research of my University of Pennsylvania colleague Eric J. Schelter in “A New Degree of Separation for Rare-Earth Metals” (C&EN, June 8, page 24), I wrote a poem.

Gimme Schelter
Gimme Schelter, for he’s the man
Who separates rare earths as fast as one can
For that all he needs is a simple ligand
And a tridentate nitroxide is at his command
So far he has separated two rare earths
Neodymium from Dysprosium dependent on girth
For each complex dimerizes differently
Which changes a lot their solubility
The Neodymium completely enters into solution
While Dysprosium precipitates with good resolution
Thus 50:50 powder mixtures can yield
Ninety-five percent pure metals. His fame, it is sealed
So a fortune awaits the brilliant inventor
Of this new technology, he’s right at the center

Andrew R. McGhie

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