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Issue Date: January 4, 2016

ACS Award For Computers In Chemical & Pharmaceutical Research: Warren Hehre

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Sponsor: ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry

Citation: For his significant contributions to the field of computational quantum chemistry.

Current position: president and CEO, Wavefunction, Inc.

Education: B.S., chemistry, Cornell University; Ph.D., chemistry, Carnegie Mellon University

Hehre’s scientific role models:“I have two role models. The first and my real introduction to chemistry is Roald Hoffmann, whom I met when both were in our first year at Cornell, Roald as a professor and I as a freshman. He took me into his nascent group where I spent two-and-a-half years learning about the breath of chemistry and the role qualitative models can play. My second role model was John Pople, who taught me that calculations were a powerful means with which both to learn and ‘do’ chemistry.”

What his colleagues say:“Warren has been involved in some of the seminal research that has helped to make computational quantum chemistry the successful field of research that it is today. From Gaussian function expansions of atomic orbitals and basis set development to electronic structure applications, Warren’s name has been associated with significant research advances.”—Phil Bowen, Mercer University

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