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Volume 94 Issue 1 | p. 43 | Awards
Issue Date: January 4, 2016

Ahmed Zewail Award In Ultrafast Science & Technology: Andrei Tokmakoff

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Sponsor: Ahmed Zewail Endowment Fund established by the Newport Corp.

Citation: For his contributions to the development of coherent two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy and its application to equilibrium and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics.

Current position: Henry G. Gale Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago

Education: B.S., chemistry, California State University, Sacramento; Ph.D., chemistry, Stanford University

Tokmakoff on his role models:“My scientific role models are those people that have stuck to their personal research goals through decades of ups and downs.”

What his colleagues say: “Andrei’s work is truly pioneering. He is one of two or three people in the world who have set the stage for a new field of optical spectroscopy, and he is the major actor on that stage. His experimental and theoretical work has changed the way we think about a variety of important and timely problems.”—Michael Fayer, Stanford University

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