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Volume 94 Issue 1 | p. 41 | Awards
Issue Date: January 4, 2016

James Flack Norris Award In Physical Organic Chemistry: J. C. (Tito) Scaiano

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Sponsor: ACS Northeastern Section

Citation: For his pioneering contribution to understanding organic photochemistry and the chemistry of short-lived reaction intermediates, and creatively applying their principles to contemporary problems.

Current position: Canada Research Chair in applied photochemistry, University of Ottawa

Education: B.S., chemistry, University of Buenos Aires; Ph.D., chemistry, University of Chile

Scaiano on his current scientific goals: “Aged 70, the next decade may be the last of active research. I want to leave a legacy in the form of accomplished researchers who learned about research, teaching and ethics, not just from me, but from a group of researchers who command respect. As my coworkers face the challenges of a career and their personal lives I always tell them, ‘Let your personal life interfere with your career.’ I hope they will pass this message on.”

What his colleagues say:“Tito Scaiano is a world leader in the study of the mechanisms and kinetics of organic reactions involving short-lived reaction intermediates and in the translation of the fundamental knowledge to diverse contemporary scientific problems spanning materials, biological, and health related systems.”—Keith Ingold, National Research Council

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