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Re: The fifth element

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While attending the Boron in the Americas (BORAM) conference at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, from June 25 to 28, Senior Correspondent Steve Ritter (@sritterz) asked his followers on Twitter, “What does boron as an element mean to you?” The question sparked tons of enthusiastic responses. Here are just a few.

Steve Ritter (@sritterz)

Boron signifies electron-deficiency. Is that a hole in your valence shell, or are you just excited to see me?
Preston MacDougall (@ChemicalEyeGuy) via Twitter

My postdoc! Boric acid and derivatives in bone and prostate tissue.
M Gallardo-Williams (@Teachforaliving) via Twitter

Green flames. And I always liked organoboron chemistry.
Eva Horn Møller (@mediemedicin) via Twitter

Perennially unhappy element: 4 bonds = too many electrons; 3 bonds = too few. My favorite element to work with though!
Tom Sheppard (@SheppardTomD) via Twitter

One of the most important carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions you will find (Suzuki-Miyaura).
Adam Henwood (@AdamHenwood1) via Twitter

Funky bonding (Wade’s rules).
Stuart Cantrill (@stuartcantrill) via Twitter

It’s a perfect “staple” for holding tris(pyrazolyl)borate ligands together. RIP Jerry Trofimenko—50 years of Tp #chemistry!
Klaus Theopold (@KHTeopold) via Twitter

MT orbital! Unique bonding! Green flame! Uses in defense, pharma, electronics, coatings, etc.! Best. Element. Ever.
Beth Bosley (@bdbosley) via Twitter

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