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Issue Date: July 18, 2016

Zapping static charges

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I enjoyed reading “Groovy Chemistry” (C&EN, June 13, page 16).

Digital-era chemists may not be familiar with another wonderful piece of technology from the vinyl age: the Zerostat antistatic “gun.” These piezoelectric devices fire ions out of a metal point, neutralizing static charges. They are usually used to remove dust from LPs.

However, I keep one next to the microbalance in my lab. One shot neutralizes the static charges that can cause fine-powder or crystalline reagents to fly out of the bottle. Students stare at me wide-eyed when I use it—I have to explain to them patiently about the problem of dust collecting in LP grooves!

David Josephy
Guelph, Ontario

July 4, page 13: A news story about the start-up Modern Meadow should have stated that the company calls its product biofabricated leather, not cultured leather. In addition, contrary to what the story and an outside analyst said, the company says its process is animal-free. Lastly, a quote attributed to Modern Meadow Chief Executive Officer Andras Forgacs should have been attributed to Chief Technology Officer David Williamson.

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