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Issue Date: July 25, 2016

Re: Work-life balance

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Elizabeth Herndon, a geochemistry professor at Kent State University and elite runner, sparked discussion online with her Perspectives column on how to juggle a busy schedule (C&EN, July 4, page 30).

This is the best article about work-life balance I have read. Professor Herndon’s advice is sensible, practical, to the point, without the screaming or self-pitying often encountered in the pop culture.
Margaret M. Wu via C&EN’s website

This article provides great insight for new graduate students. However, in no way does this reflect the situation for nonacademic chemists who are confined to working hours on a regular schedule. In most cases, their management won’t even entertain a flexible work schedule despite the evidence that suggests greater employee productivity.
Britain Bruner via Facebook

I totally agree that setting boundaries around how you spend your time is vital, though letting go of others’ demands on your time is quite tricky.
Justin Weaver via Facebook


July 11, page 30: C&EN’s cover story about OLED displays misquoted Janice DuFour, Universal Display’s vice president of technology commercialization. Speaking about the firm’s phosphorescent materials, she said: “One gram of our emitters may be used to make 3,000 phone displays.”

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