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Re: Chemist’s death

August 8, 2016 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 94, ISSUE 32

Justine Roth, associate professor of chemistry at Johns Hopkins University, was found dead in her home on July 18 (C&EN, Aug. 1, page 38). She was 46. Online readers expressed grief over the loss and shared memories of Roth.

Profound sadness at the loss of a talented researcher who provided keen insight into biochemistry.
Brian Gibney via Facebook

Justine Roth was an outstanding mentor and friend to her research students. She will be greatly missed. Thank you, Justine.
Daniel Cheney via C&EN’s website

Justine Roth’s death will create a vacuum in research work, which I personally feel won’t be filled in the near future. Now, we, the researchers, have to highlight her precious work and good deeds so that her name remains luminous in the whole scientific world.
Muhammad Ayub via C&EN’s website

This is quite a shock. I worked closely with Justine at UC Berkeley as a postdoc. ... Justine was so careful and methodical that her oxygen isotope experiments on electron transfer had more than five-significant-figure accuracy, at a time when I struggled to get the same result twice! ... As she was the most ambitious scientist I ever worked with, a small part of me was still relying on Justine to fix the global energy crisis from thermodynamic first principles, or even to discover new thermodynamic laws—she really was that capable.
H Pershad via C&EN’s website

C&EN will not publish an issue on Aug. 15, 2016. Watch for C&EN’s special double issue on Aug. 22 announcing this year’s Talented 12, a list of 12 young chemical scientists whose next moves you won’t want to miss.



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