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  • July 11, page 29: The infographic about U.S. coin composition incorrectly stated that the penny acquired its current composition in 1984. It actually changed in 1982. Also, coins are struck from planchets (not cast from molten metal) and some (not all) dollar coins produced between 1849 and 1889 contained 90% gold.

Volume 94 Issue 34 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: August 29, 2016

Re: Open access site

Department: Letters

Earlier this month, ACS announced plans to launch ChemRxiv, a preprint server that provides chemists with an online forum for sharing early scientific results (C&EN, Aug. 15/22, page 5). Readers on C&EN’s online forums weighed in.

People should be cautious when using preprints; it sometimes results in journals rejecting their work as something that has already been published.
David McLeod via Facebook

I strongly urge ACS to require all journal editors to accept without bias manuscripts that contain material that has been deposited into preprint servers such as ArXiv or ChemRxiv, or that has been presented at major conferences where PowerPoint slides are archived.
Ben McCall via C&EN’s website

One wonders why not “ChemArXiv” rather than “ChemRxiv.” Having “Ar” in the name would be, well, noble!
Scott K. Silverman (@sksilverman) via Twitter

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