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Volume 94 Issue 38 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: September 26, 2016

Chemistry fun for kids

Department: Letters

Are your kids and grandkids spending too much time on video games and Pokémon Go (C&EN, Aug. 1, page 72)? Professional molecular modeling software called ChemSketch 2015 is available as a free download (it has no molecule dictionary but is still very useful). Homeschool parents as well as teachers, kids, and grandkids can use ChemSketch to create space-filling and ball-and-stick molecular models. The ChemSketch software can be used at any grade level, starting with fourth grade and continuing until introductory chemistry.

Peter Rony
Blacksburg, Va.

Editor’s note: Rony has no affiliation with ChemSketch.


Aug. 15/22, page 19: A Policy Concentrate incorrectly identified David Allen’s position at the University of Texas, Austin. He is a chemical engineering professor, not a chemistry professor.

Aug. 15/22, page 24: A feature story on tattoo ink incorrectly attributed statistics to the Joint Research Council. The statistics should have been attributed to the Joint Research Centre.

Aug. 29, page 6: A Science Concentrate about an improved synthetic route to ryanodol incorrectly stated that Pierre Deslongchamps’s group at the University of Sherbrooke first reported a synthesis of ryanodol in 1990. The synthesis was actually first reported in 1979 (Can. J. Chem., DOI: 10.1139/v79-547). The full paper on the synthesis was published in 1990.

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