Volume 94 Issue 4 | p. 26 | Concentrates
Issue Date: January 25, 2016

Crafty Cobalt Polyborylations

Organic Synthesis: New non-precious-metal catalysts enable unprecedented polyborylation of unactivated C–H bonds in alkylarenes
Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: JACS In C&EN, Organic SCENE
Keywords: C–H activation, aryl boronate, polyborylation

Precious-metal catalysts such as iridium and rhodium are widely used to promote C–H borylation reactions, in which a boronate group is installed in place of a hydrogen atom. The aryl boronate product is a useful intermediate that can in turn be used in cross-coupling and other reactions to complete functionalization of the C–H bond. Although functionalizing aryl ring carbons with groups such as boron pinacolate is well-known, less common is achieving addition of the boronate . . .

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