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Volume 94 Issue 40 | p. 4 | Letters
Issue Date: October 10, 2016

Re: tenure denial

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Readers took note of the those profiled in C&EN’s story on the career paths taken by chemists who were denied tenure (Sept. 19, page 32).

Life after tenure denial—lots of brave voices speaking out in this story to end the stigma.
Alexis Shusterman (@aashuste) via Twitter

One benefit to being NTT [non-tenure-track], I’ll never be denied tenure.
Eric Spana (@EricSpana) via Twitter

I’m disappointed that the reporting in this article paid so little attention to how gender was represented. Of the six faculty profiled, two were men denied tenure at Ivy League institutions who remained in research and/or senior-level positions. The other four profiles were women, all of whom transitioned away to less research-intensive positions with greater teaching and/or administrative roles. While each of these stories sensitively conveyed the personal growth and transformation of those profiled, the choice of stories to include also perpetuated implicit ideas about what kind of professional work is the best fit for men and women.
Karla McCain via C&EN’s website

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