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Volume 94 Issue 47 | p. 36
Issue Date: November 28, 2016

Best of ChemMatters in the classroom

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Credit: ACS

High school chemistry teachers now have access to a new set of teacher-tested lesson plans thanks to a book based on articles published in ChemMatters, ACS’s magazine for teaching scientific literacy in the high school classroom. Topics covered in ChemMatters articles include Hollywood’s special effects, the chemicals that give food its flavor, and sports supplements.

The new book, “The Best of ChemMatters: Connecting Science and Literacy,” was developed by the ACS Education Division and consists of 12 lesson plans. For example, in the “Many Colors of Blood” lesson, students first read the original ChemMatters article and then compare and contrast respiratory pigments found in the blood of various animals. The lesson can be downloaded at (under “Sample Lesson Plan”), where the book is available for purchase.

The book can serve as a springboard for teachers to help students understand chemistry concepts and improve their scientific literacy, critical thinking, and reading comprehension skills.

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