Volume 95 Issue 1 | p. 47 | Awards
Issue Date: January 2, 2017

ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Matthew S. Sigman

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Matthew S. Sigman
Credit: Jeff Hanson

Photo of Matthew S. Sigman.
Matthew S. Sigman
Credit: Jeff Hanson

Sponsor: MilliporeSigma

Citation: For his creative, seminal work in synthetic organic chemistry, especially his innovative contributions to the Wacker oxidation and Heck reaction.

Current position: Distinguished Professor & Peter J. Christine S. Stang Presidential Endowed Chair of Chemistry, University of Utah

Education: B.S., chemistry, Sonoma State University; Ph.D., organometallic chemistry, Washington State University

Sigman on what gets his creative juices going: “Pretty much everything! I often get inspiration while teaching—in the classroom, working with a researcher in my lab, or even while exploring a concept with one of my children. The process of summarizing and articulating my thoughts helps me focus on where we are in the field and what the gaps are, and what next questions are the most important.”

What his colleagues say: “Matt Sigman is making lasting, creative contributions to synthesis both in reactions he develops and in insights revealed through his elegant mechanistic studies. He is highly productive and viewed widely as an intellectual force.”—Peter Stang, University of Utah


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