Volume 95 Issue 1 | pp. 39-40 | Awards
Issue Date: January 2, 2017

F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry: Pingyun Feng

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Pingyun Feng
Credit: Courtesy of Pingyun Feng
Photo of Pingyun Feng.
Pingyun Feng
Credit: Courtesy of Pingyun Feng

Sponsor: F. Albert Cotton Endowment Fund

Citation: For her advances in the synthesis of metal chalcogenide clusters and her crystal engineering of porous semiconductors, coordination polymers, and photocatalysts.

Current position: professor of chemistry, University of California, Riverside

Education: B.S., chemical engineering, Taiyuan Institute of Technology; M.S., organic chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology; Ph.D., inorganic and materials chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara

Feng on her biggest research challenge: “Each synthetic system has its unique challenge. But it all comes down to finding the right reaction conditions to synthesize the materials I want to see or to grow crystals large enough for single-crystal X-ray diffraction.”

What her colleagues say: “When Professor Feng enters a field, she brings fresh ideas and new approaches to it from both the inorganic and organic fields. She might initially follow some of the established synthetic methods, but very quickly she zeroes in on the challenges and develops her own strategy with results that typically significantly alter the landscape of that field.”—Galen D. Stucky, University of California, Santa Barbara


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