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Volume 95 Issue 1 | p. 2 | Letters
Issue Date: January 2, 2017

More on Trump and science

Department: Letters
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I’ve read Ms. Rita Hessley’s letter on page 5 in the Dec. 12/19, 2016, issue advocating “a strong and unrelenting pushback” to the “powerful members of science-focused congressional funding committees and putative presidential advisers [who] are unabashedly facts-denying, science-denying, evidence-denying, and of inquiry-free mindlessness.” I also read that she does “not mean angry outbursts of vacuous rhetoric.”

I am so confused.

Charles K. Thomas
Prescott, Ariz.


Nov. 21, 2016, page 13:In the business news story titled “Roche launches cancer network,” the market research firm Decision Resources says checkpoint inhibitors are expected to account for 95% of the cancer immunotherapy market, not the cancer therapy market, by 2025.

Dec. 12/19, 2016, page 8:In the science news story about fluorinated azides, the reaction scheme depicts one starting reagent as C8H17Si(CH3)3; the molecule should have been fluorinated, C8F17Si(CH3)3.

Dec. 12/19, 2016, page 26:The Year in Review article on liquid metal research incorrectly described work from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, on stretchable devices embedded in gloves to detect strain. The devices were actually printed on polymeric skin patches.

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Robert Buntrock (January 10, 2017 3:25 PM)
Is this an accusation of Hessley of "vacuous rhetoric"? I would disagree since that rhetoric is coming from several of the President-Elect's selections for advisors and cabinet heads.

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