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Volume 95 Issue 18 | p. 3 | Letters
Issue Date: May 1, 2017

More on undocumented students

Department: Letters
Keywords: opinion

Are you really living in such a bubble that you think everyone would agree with your short-sighted views on whom you insist on calling “undocumented” immigrants (C&EN, April 17, page 36)? By painting a picture that victimizes those who take shortcuts and cheat their way into our country, you in fact make light and belittle my family, and others, who worked hard and fought long to get here.

They clearly broke the law entering this country. If anyone from the U.S. sneaked into Japan, Mexico, or England and tried to get an education, how far do you think they would get?

Leo Cruzoe
Sacramento, Calif.


April 17, page 30, and April 24, page 45: An ACS Publications ad appearing in two issues contained an unfortunate typo. ACS Central Science Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Bertozzi is a professor at Stanford University, not Standford University.

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