May 1, 2017 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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May 1, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 18
May 1, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 18
Fish farmers face feed and ecosystem constraints as they supply a growing portion of the world’s protein
By Melody M. Bomgardner
(pp. 28-33)
Science & Technology
Practitioners, students, and fans join with throngs around world in support of science (pp. 12-13)
Science & Technology
Flow chemistry eyed as key to supplying materials, medicines during extraterrestrial journeys (pp. 20-21)
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News of the Week

Whipping phosphorus into chiral shape

Catalyst synthesizes phosphates and phosphoramidates with high stereoselectivity and yield

Finding a role for polyglutamine in neurodegenerative diseases

Repeating amino acid sequence seen in disease-related proteins may regulate cellular garbage disposals

Zinc sponge protects rechargeable battery

Unconventional form of zinc electrode leads to low-cost, long-lasting, safe battery

Getting a bigger picture with superresolution microscopy

Chip-based illumination enables simple microscopy set-up and wide field of view

Making bone transparent

Researchers adapt tissue-clarifying technique to clear minerals from bone too

Superresolution microscopy shows bigger picture

Chip-based illumination enables superresolution microscopy with a wide field of view

Chemists march for science

Practitioners, students, and fans join with throngs around world in support of science
(pp. 12-13)

Forge Therapeutics scores $15 million in venture funding

The proceeds will help the biotech firm push its antibiotics program toward human studies

PPG makes third and ‘last’ offer to buy AkzoNobel

Paint firm’s $28.8 billion offer comes with conditions to smooth the way

Chemical industry off to a strong 2017

First-quarter earnings surpass expectations thanks to strong sales, pricing

Personnel changes bring U.S. chemical industry group closer to EPA, Congress

Former senator joins firm lobbying for American Chemistry Council, association officials move into agency

U.S. sanctions chemists for gas attack on civilians in Syria

American companies barred from doing business with them and their U.S. assets frozen

Washington’s revolving door

Personnel changes boost ties between chemical industry group and EPA, Congress


Science & Technology

More sustainable approaches to synthesizing ammonia could re-revolutionize agricultural fertilizer production
(pp. 22-23)
Un catalizador sintetiza fosfatos y fosforamidatos con una gran estereoselectividad y rendimiento
Flow chemistry eyed as key to supplying materials, medicines during extraterrestrial journeys
(pp. 20-21)
Insect larvae that degrade polyethylene offer a potential way to process waste at recycling centers and landfills
(pp. 10-11)
Researchers at NC State analyze the first structures from the Max Weaver Dye Library’s 98,000 vials of dyes
(pp. 24-25)
Fungal bioluminescence could be adjusted for color and intensity
Systematic study catalogs numerous effects on film morphology, reaction kinetics, and device performance
Less nitrogen will be available to marine ecosystems as increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide lowers the pH of oceans
Nanoparticle-on-nanorod material enables four-step reaction in one pot to prepare pharmaceutical intermediates
Approach enhances customizability and efficiency of poly(α-hydroxy acid) synthesis

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