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Issue Date: June 12, 2017

Focus on small colleges

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I just read about the Society of Chemical Industries Scholars in C&EN (May 15, page 39) and am impressed and pleased to learn about this program that provides an exciting experience for those students who participate. But I was disappointed to see that only three grants were for students from small colleges. My feeling is that such a program would be more valuable to students from small colleges, particularly from those small colleges that do not have a robust active research activity there. Those students from the large universities probably have the advantage that they can do research with some of their faculty, which may not occur at the small colleges.

For next year I hope that the SCI program would appoint more [students from small colleges]. My thought just now is that those chemistry departments at smaller colleges may not even know about this exciting program, and part of the problem is spreading the word.

Morton A. Fineman
San Diego


May 22, page 10: In the photo caption describing how to plate pennies, the zinc ions are reduced onto the copper surfaces by the solid zinc rather than by the copper itself, as stated originally.

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