Volume 95 Issue 24 | p. 8
Issue Date: June 12, 2017

Sketch chemistry: Infrared massage studio

A comic collaboration between C&EN and ChemScrapes cartoonist Brendan Burkett
By Brendan Burkett
Department: Science & Technology
Keywords: sketch chemistry, chemistry cartoon, infrared spectroscopy

Infrared massage studio

Credit: Brendan Burkett/C&EN
This cartoon shows two benzene molecules at a massage studio. One molecule is enjoying a gentle massage through a C-H bending frequency. The other is rattled by a vigorous C=C stretching frequency.

Infrared massage studio

Credit: Brendan Burkett/C&EN
More online

To see more of Burkett’s work, go to chemscrapes.net. To see more Sketch Chemistry, visit cenm.ag/sketch.

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