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Issue Date: February 6, 2017

International emeritus members?

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As recognized by ACS at times, membership in the society goes beyond U.S. members to many countries worldwide. Therefore, it is somewhat a surprise to see that the group of emeritus members highlighted in the article “Members for life” was parochial (C&EN, Oct. 17, 2016, page 39). How many of the 15,023 emeriti are foreign ACS members—for example, Canadians? And, on that note, this number is predicted to increase.

Victor Snieckus
Kingston, Ontario


Jan. 23, page 26: In the feature story about how thin films helped detect gravitational waves, LMA was referred to as a French specialty coatings firm. It is a specialty coatings research center based at Claud Bernard University Lyon 1 in France.

Jan. 23, page 28: The multipart cover story package on machine learning contained the following errors: The introduction incorrectly stated that GlaxoSmithKline is partnering with a pair of government labs. The firm is partnering with more than two government labs. In the piece on deep learning, Mark Murcko is listed as chief scientific officer of Relay Pharmaceuticals. He is CSO of Relay Therapeutics. In the piece on machine learning, the reaction scheme is credited to Chematica. It should be credited to ChemPlanner.

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