April 15, 2018 | APPEARED IN VOLUME 96, ISSUE 16


Letters to the editor

Speaking up

I write to give my enthusiastic support of Dorothy Colegrove, who pointed out the blatant sexism and perpetuation of offensive sexist stereotypes in items being sold at Pittcon as lab-themed gifts.

In her important letter to the editor (March 12, page 4), Ms. Colegrove wrote, “I recognize the irony of me being labeled as ‘overreacting’ about a toy.”

Ms. Colegrove, as a male scientist, I want you and all the other female scientists out there to know that I stand in solidarity with your entirely appropriate response. If that’s overreacting, I proudly overreact with you. Please don’t ever stay silent in the face of such astonishingly antiquated and offensive sexism. As a man, I pledge to not stay silent, as well.

Christopher Savage
Dexter, Mich.



March 19, inside front cover: A C&EN-produced advertisement for our Talented 12 program featuring UCLA chemistry professor and Talented 12 alumnus Hosea Nelson portrayed Nelson in a lab without appropriate personal protective equipment. The lab background (right) was not part of the original image (left). C&EN strives to depict proper lab safety and does not condone altering images in this way. We regret the error.




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