C&EN is now on Instagram

How we’re sparking visual conversations in chemistry

Did that image catch your attention? You’re not alone. Every day at C&EN, we come across photos and illustrations from the world of chemistry that take our breath away. That’s why C&EN recently got on Instagram.

Where did it all begin? you might ask. Years ago we were stumped with how to feature the many gorgeous chemistry photos that didn’t make it to print, so C&EN’s Craig Bettenhausen and Manny Morone launched the Tumblr account Chemistry in Pictures. Responses to #CENChemPics skyrocketed, and now we’re expanding to Instagram by bringing you the very best photos, illustrations, comics, and infographics in chemistry.

What we love about Instagram is that it allows us to talk about chemistry with everyday people, using stunning molecular visuals as a starting point. Let us introduce ourselves. We’re Dorea Reeser and Linda Wang, and we are the eyes and hearts behind C&EN’s new Instagram account. We are excited to take you on this visual journey with us, and we hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home.

We’re here to engage, and no comment will be left unanswered. And we’ll listen to all your feedback and ideas. Some new things we’re planning for this year include stories about people in the chemistry community and their research and sneak peeks of upcoming articles. We’ll also be sharing intriguing content from our followers and introducing new features based on what they’ve told us they want. Oh, and we’ll be giving away a lot of cool stuff, so don’t miss out. Follow us on Instagram at @cenmag.