Introducing C&EN Methods

A blog about how we create the chemistry news products you love

In 2018, we’re renewing our commitment to you, dear reader.

If you’ve been reading C&EN for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been making some changes around here. Our look is brighter and cleaner. We’ve punched up our style, and we’re experimenting with new media, like chatbots and Facebook Live events. We’re as smart as ever, and we remain dedicated to bringing you the chemistry news you need to grow your research and expand your worldview.

Now you can follow along with us here to learn more about how and why we do it.

Get the story behind the (Instagram) Stories. Want to add some compelling chemistry photos to your day? We soft-launched C&EN on Instagram late last year, and more than 2,000 people like you have already followed @cenmag to nerd up their feeds.

C&EN Methods is where you’ll find out how the masterminds behind C&EN’s Instagram—Audience Engagement Editor Dorea Reeser and Senior Editor Linda Wang—are using one square-cropped photo at a time to bring the beauty of chemistry to your downtime.

Hear what we’re doing next. Our brand new podcast, Stereo Chemistry, will bring the wonder of chemistry directly to your ears starting later this month. Listen in the lab, during your commute, or while you put in time on the treadmill.

After the launch, we’ll take you into the studio with multimedia editors Kerri Jansen and Matt Davenport to learn what it takes to capture the sounds of chemistry and the voices of those who practice it.

See how we’re putting the audience first. We started to update the look of our digital home last year with improvements to our home page and article pages, and more changes are afoot. We’ve been working to bring the voices of our readers into the site design through user feedback and testing.

Watch this space for notes about our design and methods from head of UX/UI design Tchad Blair. Our team of designers and developers keeps the lights on at so you can read C&EN anywhere, anytime.

Learn what it’s like to work in a chemistry-obsessed newsroom. Many of the people who work at C&EN were once bench chemists, and even though we’ve left the lab, we’re still tinkering and optimizing protocols. We’ll take you behind the scenes and share updates on some of our recent experiments, like our online community for first-year chemistry professors.

There’s more to come. We can’t wait to show off our work and hear what you think.