Office Hours

Because scientists never outgrow the need for mentoring

by Jen Heemstra

Jen Heemstra is an associate professor of chemistry at Emory University who shares advice on on Twitter @jenheemstra.


Jen Heemstra on building your resilience

C&EN advice columnist offers 4 tips on adapting to times of uncertainty


How international students can share their culture in the lab

Creating more opportunities for dialogue is just the first step


Jen Heemstra on why it’s important to give and invite feedback

Constructive criticism works best when it’s a 2-way street


Being outspoken about your accomplishments isn’t selfish; it’s smart

Jen Heemstra on self-advocacy and how to go about it


Jen Heemstra on 3 things faculty can do to prevent bullying

Don’t shut your door and hide under your desk; you can help


Being bullied? Here’s what to do

Recognize what’s really going on, enlist support, and be kind to yourself


Jen Heemstra on the importance of relationships in science

Your career is as much about the people as it is about the research


When is it time to leave a PhD program?

Getting a master’s degree is a decision, not a downgrade


How to create a supportive mental health environment in your lab

Faculty can do these 3 things to help their students struggling with mental health issues


For grad students and postdocs, mental health begins with faculty

Want to solve the mental health crisis among grad students and postdocs? Start with faculty


How to combat impostor syndrome

Jen Heemstra on how to turn our negative thoughts into positive actions


Meet C&EN’s new advice columnist, Jen Heemstra

Emory University chemistry professor and Twitter phenom will answer your questions in this new monthly advice column


Do you have a question for Jen? No topic is off-limits, and she will try to answer as many questions as she can.

A selection of these will be featured in her monthly column, Office Hours.

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