Chemistry in Pictures: Sun-kissed rotovaps

by Craig Bettenhausen
May 10, 2018



The rotovaps in this photo are essential tools in Jim Leighton’s research group at Columbia University, which focuses on the total synthesis of natural products. “We run most of our reactions in solvent and consequently have to use the rotovap to get solvent out of all reaction mixtures prior to characterization,” explains Roshan Ganesh Bhaskar, the undergraduate researcher in the group who snapped this photo. He says the way the light from the window illuminated the tubing, traps, and other glassware of the apparatuses “made me think of not just the physical power of its vacuum but its immense role in organic synthesis.”

Submitted by Roshan Ganesh Bhaskar

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Payam Minoofar (Thu May 10 15:34:59 EDT 2018)
Let’s hope the products aren’t light sensitive.

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