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New Products

New and Notable in the Chemical Industry

by Melissa Braddock
June 6, 2005 | A version of this story appeared in Volume 83, Issue 23

Chemicals and materials

DISPERSION Low-surface-tension resin dispersion is designed for use in waterborne adhesives, eliminating the need for surfactants or other wetting agents. No modification is required prior to formulation. Eastman Chemical Co.,

LATEX Redispersible powders for exterior insulation and finishing systems improve adhesion, water repellency, and freeze/thaw resistance. Rhodia Performance Coatings & Services,

ADHESIVES Hydrophilic heat-seal adhesives bond components and wick biological fluids in diagnostic medical devices. Products bind to a variety of polymeric substrates including polystyrene, polyester, and polycarbonate. Adhesives Research,

CAPILLARIES Coated capillaries for electrophoresis allow sample separation without sample loss through adsorption of sample to the tube walls. Inner diameters of 75 and 100 µm are currently available, along with specialized buffer solutions. Protea Biosciences,

LUBRICANTS Three new lightweight oils extend the life of hydraulic systems, bearings, chains, and valves. They are thermally stable and demonstrate excellent water separation, foam control, and rust protection. Henkel Corp.,


Instruments and labware

FLUOROMETER Four-channel detector uses line-emission light sources and narrow-band filters for discrete wavelength excitation. Flow cells are available in volumes ranging from 6 to 24 µL. System can be configured for either series or parallel detection. McPherson Inc.,

GENETIC ANALYSIS System provides high-throughput, quantitative gene expression via scalable, multiplexed PCR. It can run two 96-well plates in 24 hours and cost-effectively look at the expression of 20 to 35 genes in a single reaction per well. Software tools for automated primer design and multiplex assembly are included. Beckman Coulter,

SPECTROMETER Laboratory device is designed for general-purpose FTIR spectroscopy, quality-control measurements, and service-lab applications. Features include 0.5 cm­1 resolution, a choice of detectors, industry-standard software, and an optional beam-output port. Midac,

Credit: Control Co.
Credit: Control Co.

THERMOMETER Enclosed, temperature-buffered sensor accurately monitors temperatures in freezers, refrigerators, water baths, heating blocks, and incubators. Display can show high, low, or current temperature; digital memory monitors high/low readings for any set time period. Control Co.,

WATER BATHS Deep-well compact baths provide stability of ±0.005 °C at temperatures from -80 to 300 °C. They feature a small footprint, a drain for easy fluid removal, and an overflow reservoir. Hart Scientific,

SEALED CELL System allows the measurement of viscoelastic rheological properties of solutions above their boiling point or without any loss of volatile components. Measurements can be made under pressure, with full dynamic oscillation and viscometric capability. The air-bearing seal is effectively frictionless. ATS Rheosystems,

FUNNEL Safety funnel is made from chemically resistant high-density polyethylene and features an improved vapor-resistant gasket, solids filter, latch, and screw cap. Device exceeds hazardous materials regulations requiring the prevention of chemical spills and vapor releases. California Pacific Lab Inc.,


Plant materials and equipment

Credit: Clark-Reliance Corp.
Credit: Clark-Reliance Corp.

INDICATORS Digital panel indicators for temperature- and process-display applications provide high accuracy and visibility in a compact housing. Easy-to-read LED display changes from green to red during an alarm condition. Units are modular and freely configurable via plug-in output boards. Danaher Industrial Controls,

MIXER Single-use mixing vessel can be used to mix materials of any viscosity or density difference. It can be scaled to more than 10,000 L and features an integral perforated diaphragm that is moved up and down by a simple, low-cost mechanism. ILC Dover,

Credit: OI Analytical
Credit: OI Analytical

MOISTURE EXCHANGER Unit is designed for humidifying or drying industrial gas samples, using membrane tubing to bring the humidity of a gas into equilibrium with the ambient air. It is corrosion-resistant and has no moving parts. PermaPure LLC,

SLUDGE MONITOR Device uses sonar to determine the depth of a sludge blanket in a wastewater treatment system. Self-cleaning transducer has no moving parts, and the control unit features a menu-driven program that allows custom configuration. Clark-Reliance Corp.,

ORGANICS ANALYZER Instrument uses combustion methods to accurately analyze carbon levels from 50 to 10,000 µg. Aqueous samples can be analyzed without sample preparation. Features include magnetic stirring, large sample pathways, and the ability to analyze samples over three orders of magnitude with a single calibration curve. OI Analytical,

New Products is written by Melissa Braddock, who can be reached at


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