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Volume 92 Issue 31 | pp. 2-4 | Letters
Issue Date: August 4, 2014

He’s My Brother

Department: Letters

You know, I’ve always thought of you as a very cultured, smart guy, so I was pleased to read in your June 30 editorial that you, like me, are quite fond of Chaim Soutine and feel that he deserves greater recognition (page 3). I hadn’t realized you’d recently been in NYC, but I know you travel a lot.

Continuing on, I then read that you’re attending the West Chester University Poetry Conference and I think, Huh! Rudy’s into poetry, that’s interesting. And then I read that you’ve written a book-length poem in terza rima (!!) about none other than Soutine, and I think, Wait a minute, bro’s been holding out on me! Well, no, of course, I realized this must be a guest editorial. But for just a few moments, I really thought, Wow, who is Rudy Baum?

Hope all’s well. And, thanks for reading.

Marianna Baum

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