Water bear genomes start to reveal hardy critter’s secrets | November 7, 2016 Issue - Vol. 94 Issue 44 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 94 Issue 44 | pp. 20-21
Issue Date: November 7, 2016

Water bear genomes start to reveal hardy critter’s secrets

Genomics research has sparked renewed interest in understanding one of nature’s toughest animals
By Ryan Cross
Department: Science & Technology
News Channels: Biological SCENE
Keywords: genomics, tardigrade, water bear, genome, radiation, desiccation

Tardigrades are a mystery. Unlike most animals, these eight-legged microscopic critters occupy a position on the tree of life that’s open to debate: They straddle the divide between arthropods and nematodes. They’ve been found just about everywhere scientists have looked, from mountaintops to ocean trenches. Researchers recently recovered a moss sample from Antarctica that was stored in a freezer for more than 30 years. They revived two tardigrades found in that sample and watched as . . .

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