Molecules of the year

C&EN highlights some of the coolest compounds reported in 2017

Top pharmaceutical headlines of 2017

Trump’s tweets, therapeutic T cells, and a turning point for gene therapy were just a few topics that made headlines in 2017

DNA origami hits the big time

New set of techniques enables the mass-production of micrometer-sized DNA structures

Nobel Prize winner introduces skin care line

Molecular machine builder Fraser Stoddart is behind new firm that will sell high-priced anti-aging cosmetics

World’s environment officials set goal for contamination-free planet

Improved use of commercial chemicals, cuts in ocean plastic pollution needed, assembly says

How a German journal became a top-tier, international publication

Peter Gölitz looks back on his career as editor in chief of Angewandte Chemie

Metal-organic framework compound sets methane storage record

Sol-gel synthesis boosts the capacity of a common porous material

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