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Laura Howes, Senior Editor



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Twitter: @L_Howes



Areas of coverage: Chemical biology, structural biology, food chemistry, and chemical communication. Laura is also C&EN’s European science correspondent, so she focuses her reporting on science in Europe.

Laura Howes has degrees in both chemistry and art history, which means she’s written dissertations on membrane proteins and the Renaissance. Despite a brief stint as a newsletter editor while at school, Laura started her official writing career in 2008, when she started working for Education in Chemistry. She has also worked for several other magazines, including Chemistry World, done a bit of freelancing and worked in social media and audience engagement along the way. At C&EN Laura mainly covers the more biological end of chemistry, but she also likes to pick up stories about weird molecules and unusual bonding arrangements. In addition, she manages C&EN’s What’s that stuff? series. Laura is based in Heidelberg, Germany, and in her spare time she can be found hiking, skiing, beer brewing, and organizing events with her local bioinformatics community. She also has a bunch of instruments in her office but rarely finds the time to play them.