Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards | February 25, 2008 Issue - Vol. 86 Issue 8 | Chemical & Engineering News
Volume 86 Issue 8 | pp. 44-50 | Awards
Issue Date: February 25, 2008

Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards

Recipients are honored for contributions of major significance to chemistry
Department: ACS News

Jeffrey W. Bode — In the four short years since Jeffrey W. Bode began his independent research career, his work has challenged convention in small-molecule and biomolecule synthesis. continue »

Cynthia Burrows — Originality, creativity, and insight characterize the work of Cynthia J. Burrows, notes Peter J. Stang, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah. continue »

Dieter Enders — This award is only the latest of a clutch of awards Dieter Enders, 61, has received, including the Leibniz Prize, the highest German scientific award; the first Yamada Prize, awarded by the Japan Research Foundation for Optically Active Compounds; the Max Planck Research Award of the Max Planck Society and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; and the Emil Fischer Medal of the German Chemical Society. continue »

Tamio Hayashi — "While teaching a graduate course on organometallic chemistry from an organic chemist's perspective, I found myself consistently mentioning that the groundbreaking work had come from the laboratory of Tamio Hayashi," says Stephen L. Buchwald, Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. continue »

Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson — Linda C. Hsieh-Wilson, associate professor of chemistry and Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at California Institute of Technology, is being honored for her pioneering work in biological chemistry characterizing complex carbohydrates and glycoproteins in the brain and exploring their roles in neurobiology. continue »

Colin Nuckolls — Colin Nuckolls, 38, is "redefining the field of physical organic chemistry," according to his Columbia University colleague and Ph.D. adviser, Thomas J. Katz. continue »

Melanie S. Sanford — "A superb and exciting lecturer," Melanie S. Sanford, 32, is a much-sought-after speaker for conferences and symposia because of the high quality of her research, her enthusiasm, and her speaking ability, according to one colleague. continue »

Thomas Scanlan — Thomas S. Scanlan took his first organic chemistry class as an undergraduate at the University of Oregon 26 years ago and he says he "was hooked immediately and knew that organic chemistry was going to be the focus of my career." continue »

Mukund P. Sibi — Mukund P. Sibi, 56, University Distinguished Professor at North Dakota State University (NDSU), is being honored for developing asymmetric radical reactions and applying them to complex syntheses of important bioregulatory natural products. continue »

Daniel A. Singleton — Daniel A. Singleton, 48, has always been a high achiever. He was valedictorian of his high school graduating class in Byesville, Ohio, and graduated in 1980 from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, with the highest honors accorded to a B.S. degree in chemistry. continue »

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