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May 16, 2022 Cover

Volume 100, Issue 17

Some state laws allow incentives to turn plastics into fuels as well as other plastics

Cover image:Chemical recycling of plastic gets a boost in 18 US states, but some laws allow incentives to turn plastics into fuels instead of new plastic

Credit: C&EN/Shutterstock

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Volume 100 | Issue 17

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Quote of the Week

“Every decision a chemist makes has a technical component and an ethical component.”

Jeffrey Kovac, emeritus professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  • Bioengineer Charles Denby is working to make beer and wine more sustainable

    His start-up Berkeley Yeast is genetically modifying yeast to produce flavor compounds for craft brewers and winemakers

  • Sunscreen chemical kills coral—now scientists know why

    The sea creatures metabolize oxybenzone into a toxic compound

  • Machine learning helps engineer a better plastic-degrading enzyme

    The new enzyme breaks down PET waste under mild conditions