October 16, 2017 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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October 16, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 41
October 16, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 41
Interest from manufacturers and big chemical companies shows that 3-D printing isn’t just for hobbyists
By Alexander H. Tullo
(pp. 30-34)
Science & Technology
Appetite grows for sensors and drug delivery devices that can be ingested (pp. 20-22)
Strong chemistry job market in China makes U.S. postdoc opportunities less attractive (pp. 21-23)
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News of the Week

Enzyme beats catalysts at oxidation game

Directed evolution yields enzyme that oxidizes alkenes in a unique way

Bryostatin advances: A shorter synthesis and an HIV takedown

29-step route promises to boost dwindling supply of bryostatin 1, while an analog kicks latent virus out of cells and kills it

Engineered bacteria build microstructures on their own

Microbe-built domes coated with gold nanoparticles can serve as simple pressure sensors

Forgery of ancient silk leaves chemical footprint

Amino acid signature suggests artificial aging of purported Persian silks

Microneedle skin patch fights fat

The patch slowly and safely releases a drug that transforms white fat to brown in mice

Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 satellite reveals carbon cycle details

Analyses show seasonal and El Niño effects on carbon dioxide flux, ability to monitor plant growth

People may expect more side effects from pricier drugs

Researchers demonstrate that more expensive drugs have stronger nocebo effects in lab study

DowDuPont, Chemours named in GenX lawsuit

Replacement for troublesome fluoropolymer processing aid is the target of a class-action suit

China will accept foreign clinical trial data

Decision by country’s drug administrator should help foreign drug companies

Firms act on ocean plastic from Southeast Asia

Initiative aims to stop plastic pollution from Southeast Asia

Two new TB drugs advance to clinic

TBA-7371 and sutezolid begin Phase I studies

Climeworks joins project to trap carbon dioxide in rocks

Team launches first plant to capture ambient CO2 for permanent storage

Copan confirmed as U.S. National Institute of Standards & Technology director

Agency will be led by chemist with experience in industry and government



Science & Technology

Appetite grows for sensors and drug delivery devices that can be ingested
(pp. 20-22)
Chemical educator and Compound Interest blogger Andy Brunning explains the chemistry that makes spider silk strong and elastic.
Engineers create stretchable silicone material that inflates to predesigned textured shapes
After exploring a computer-generated ‘chemical space’ database, team takes on the challenging synthesis of a new polycyclic hydrocarbon
Engineered tissue absorbs and transfers nutrients, could be used to enhance or restore intestinal function
Framework compound retains crystal structure and porosity in a high-temperature liquid state
Wearable device sends wireless alerts when it detects explosives and nerve agents
(pp. 8-9)
‘Solid solution’ of ZnO and ZrO2 exhibits high selectivity, high stability, and sulfur tolerance
La evolución dirigida produce una enzima que oxida alquenos de una forma única

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