January 5, 2009 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 5, 2009 Issue

Volume 87, Issue 1
January 5, 2009 Issue, Vol. 87 | Iss. 1
Each of us has a personal stake in the advancement of chemistry and letting others know the value of our science
By Thomas H. Lane, ACS President
(pp. 2-5)
Huntsman's struggle to get acquired puts it on top (p.17)
Government & Policy
DOE lab director, Nobel Prize winner expected to put climate change at top of department agenda (pp. 24-25)
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News of the Week

Debt Threatens LyondellBasell

Restructuring measures under consideration include possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

2011 Will Be International Year Of Chemistry

United Nations will celebrate the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to humankind

Obama Names Science Advisers

President-elect puts in place his science team

Fertilizer Makers Cut Production

Farmers are postponing nutrient application until spring

Kuwait Cancels Deal With Dow

Observers wonder whether Dow can complete Rohm and Haas purchase

Long-Sought Benzenelike Molecule Created

Aromaticity of organic-inorganic hybrid resembles benzene's

Ever Greener Cleaners

Industry coalition aims to improve the environmental profile of cleaning and personal care products

U Of Michigan Buys Pfizer Site

University hopes to re-create jobs lost after R&D center's closure



Government & Policy

ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley is confident industry can navigate altered political landscape
(pp. 19-23)
DOE lab director, Nobel Prize winner expected to put climate change at top of department agenda
(pp. 24-25)


Book delineates how profit motives and laws often stand in the way of preventing harm
(pp. 34-36)


Changing times and student profiles call for reexamination of quantitative analysis curricula
(pp. 32-33)
Taiwan's Academia Sinica addresses challenges in an effort to attract best students, faculty
(pp. 27-29)