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Volume 96, Issue 22

The portable devices haven’t yet caught on widely. Researchers continue to advance the technology and find new applications

Cover:A hand with a miniature mass spectrometer on it.

Credit: Perkin Elmer

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Volume 96 | Issue 22

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Quote of the Week

“I think the Trump era is the gateway drug to political engagement for scientists.”

Gretchen Goldman, research director for the Center for Science & Democracy , Union of Concerned Scientists

  • What are hair removers, and how do they get rid of unwanted fuzz?

    Creams. Wax. Sugar. Lasers. We get to the scientific root of depilation

  • Mary Sue Coleman on solving the funding crisis in higher education

    The chemist and former college president leads the Association of American Universities in challenging times

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E-cigarettes’ chemistry may explain their popularity among teens

Brands like Juul deliver a form of nicotine that is less harsh to inhale than free-base nicotine