August 28, 2017 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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August 28, 2017 Issue

Volume 95, Issue 34
August 28, 2017 Issue, Vol. 95 | Iss. 34
How the technologically important metals rose from obscurity to ubiquity
By Stephen K. Ritter
(pp. 30-34)
As a massive wave of chemical plants comes online, companies chart different courses to the market (pp. 18-20)
Government wants to make it compulsory for manufacturers to buy coverage against environmental damage (pp. 21-22)
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News of the Week

Washington, D.C., hosts ACS national meeting

Members take in the eclipse; society narrowly rejects financial support for international chapters

Flow process streamlines assembly of essential antibiotic

ACS meeting news: System makes ciprofloxacin salt in nine minutes without pausing to purify individual synthesis steps

Watching immune proteins and therapeutics diffuse through lymph nodes

ACS meeting news: Microfluidic device provides easy way to monitor cytokine migration

Botanical supplements can inhibit drug-metabolizing enzymes

ACS Meeting News: Licorice extracts used to treat menopausal symptoms could disrupt proper drug metabolism, leading to possible interactions with prescription medication

Triplet diradical cyclobutadiene spotted for the first time

ACS meeting news: Researchers use stabilizing silicon groups to tame the elusive species, a long-sought target of chemists studying aromaticity, chemical bonding, and reaction mechanisms

Copper pairs up to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust

ACS Meeting News: Unusual catalytic mechanism plays key role in engine emissions cleanup

Prospecting for new antimicrobial molecules in dragon’s blood

ACS meeting news: Small, positively charged peptides from alligators and Komodo dragons could inspire new ways to fight infections

New effort to develop meatless meat

UC Berkeley, Givaudan partner to make meat alternatives tastier

Novartis and nonprofit launch trials of a novel malaria drug

A single-dose alternative advances as parasites develop resistance to complex standard regimens

European regulators probe Bayer-Monsanto deal

Regulators fret over power the agchem giant would have

Chemical Safety Board officials seek collaboration with ACS

ACS Meeting News: CSB applauds ACS’s recent efforts to elevate the importance of safety

Treated wastewater sludge still harbors antibiotic resistance genes

ACS Meeting News: Findings raise public health concerns because sludge is often spread on farmlands


Science & Technology

How the technologically important metals rose from obscurity to ubiquity
Tomás Palacios of MIT describes his vision for placing electronics everywhere
Water molecules slide rapidly through the 0.8-nm-diameter tubes
A new low-cost method assesses water chemistry by analyzing how it evaporates
Tweaks to tungsten-benzene complex enable a tandem addition reaction for making drug intermediates
Better understanding of nitrogen cycling from fertilizer runoff could help control emissions
Researchers develop a model that may be useful for finding compounds that bind to opioid receptors without side effects
Ruthenium-catalyzed process zeros in on individual hydroxyls in multihydroxylated compounds

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