January 20, 2014 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 20, 2014 Issue

Volume 92, Issue 3
January 20, 2014 Issue, Vol. 92 | Iss. 3
Participants in a complex supply chain are gearing up to meet demand for an expected flood of targeted therapies
By Ann M. Thayer
(pp. 13-21)
Under a controversial patent regime, Indian companies supply pharmaceuticals to more and more patients globally (pp. 25-27)
ACS News
Dallas, March 16–20 (p.49)
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Altered Antibodies Offer Improved Conjugates
Developers use mutagenesis to create specific sites for conjugating drugs

News of the Week

Toxicity Unknown

Pollution: Lack of hazard data hampers response to chemical spill in West Virginia

KiOR Faces Plant Revamp

Alternative Energy: First-of-its-kind facility needs to go off-line to meet output goals

Monsanto Seed Case Closed

Intellectual Property: Supreme Court refuses to revive challenge to company’s ability to sue for damages

Chemists Present Innovative Methods For Reducing Alkenes And Coupling Them Directly

Organic Chemistry: First-row transition-metal-catalyzed processes build motifs in medicinally active molecules

U.K. Approves Fracking

Shale Gas: Prime Minister supports natural-gas-extraction method, big oil company already invested

Congress Sets 2014 Budget

Appropriations: Funding increases for R&D agencies under bipartisan deal

Spotting Many Different Proteins On Single Cells

Analytical Biochemistry: DNA-based sensing of multiple proteins could aid personalized medicine

RNA Drug Firms Attract Deals

Pharmaceuticals: Recent successes help boost emerging therapeutic field

Taking On The Problem Of Reproducibility

Organizations call for standards to improve reproducibility in life sciences research



Skilled scientists help University of Delaware life sciences students make connections between chemistry and biology
(pp. 40-41)

Science & Technology

Researchers seek mechanism for cancer drug bexarotene’s alleged activity against Alzheimer’s
(pp. 38-39)
Two studies reveal intricacies of the roles acyl carrier proteins play in biosyntheses of fatty acids and lipid A
(pp. 36-37)

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