June 30, 2008 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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June 30, 2008 Issue

Volume 86, Issue 26
June 30, 2008 Issue, Vol. 86 | Iss. 26
Chemists seek environmentally friendlier compounds and formulations for fireworks and flares
By Bethany Halford
(pp. 14-18)
Government & Policy
Congressional budget cuts, downsizing hit scientists (pp. 30-31)
ACS News
Philadelphia, Aug. 17–21 (p.47)
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News of the Week

Huntsman Sues Apollo

Huntsman has strong words for Apollo now that its merger with Hexion is on the rocks

Mesoporous Metals

Self-assembly steers platinum nanoparticles to form large-pore metallic structures

Constructing Cyanthiwigin F

Enantioselective double alkylation is key to engineering marine natural product's chiral core

Middle East Action In China

SABIC boosts share in joint venture; Qatar commits to petrochemical project

Dow And Others Raise Prices, Again

Chemical firms plan higher prices and cutbacks to offset costs

Fine-Tuning Catalysts

Electron donors control geometry of Ziegler-Natta structures

Hansen Renews Plea For Action

NASA climatologist urges curbs on growth of CO2 emissions



Government & Policy

Panel argues over regulating chemicals at water treatment plants, requiring safer technologies
(pp. 27-29)
Congressional budget cuts, downsizing hit scientists
(pp. 30-31)


A chocolate researcher shares the history and science of one of the world's favorite substances
(pp. 38-39)