October 26, 2009 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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October 26, 2009 Issue

Volume 87, Issue 43
October 26, 2009 Issue, Vol. 87 | Iss. 43
Decades of big investment in information technology are paying off in the chemical industry’s response to the recession
By Rick Mullin
(pp. 10-15)
Government & Policy
More resources, overhauled extramural research program reinvigorate science at USDA (pp. 22-23)
Science & Technology
Outlays rose 2.4% for chemistry and grew 3.5% for science and engineering as a whole in 2007 (pp. 26-30)
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News of the Week

Seeing Molecules With A New Light

Microscopy: Technique relies solely on light that nonfluorescent compounds absorb

Cross-Coupling Made Easier

Green Chemistry: Organozinc reagents made on the fly in water simplify alkylations

Fossil-Fuel Costs

NRC Study: Billions of dollars in health-related damages are not included in the price of energy

A Mixed Earnings Picture

Recovery Watch: The third quarter brings few signs of stronger demand

Screening Endocrine Disrupters

EPA’s program will launch this month; key documents detail schedule, assays to be used

Harnessing The Sun

Solar Power: Energy Department event showcases the possibilities of advanced solar power technology

Pollutants Boost Lead Paint Hazard

Environmental Chemistry: Auto emissions could contribute to lead exposure from household paint

Carbene Curiosities

Reactivity: N-heterocyclic carbenes display versatility

Integrating Wyeth

Pfizer’s acquisition is complete; now, the job cutting begins