January 14, 2013 Issue | Chemical & Engineering News
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January 14, 2013 Issue

Volume 91, Issue 2
January 14, 2013 Issue, Vol. 91 | Iss. 2
(pp. 11-18)
Helping to build Solar Impulse pushes two chemical makers to try new ways of doing research (pp. 23-25)
Science & Technology
Force provides ways to run reactions in ball mills with little or no solvent (pp. 35-36)
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News of the Week

Robot Ribosome

Nanotechnology: Researchers make a small-molecule machine that can string together three amino acids

Illumina Makes Genetic Acquisitions

Diagnostics: Firm asserts its independence by acquiring two companies

Lake Data Reveal Oil Sands Impacts

Environment: Oil production is dispersing carcinogenic hydrocarbons across northern Alberta, study shows

Pharma Executives Aim At Small, Strategic Deals

Pharmaceuticals: Companies look to grow through focused acquisitions in 2013

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Stem Cell Case

High court ends lawsuit against federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research

Ancient Roman Medicine Analyzed

Cultural Heritage: Pills thought to treat eye ailments contain zinc, beeswax, and plant and animal fats

Spinning Superior Nanotube Fibers

Nanotechnology: Carbon-based threads possess remarkable strength and conductivity

China Spill Prompts An Apology

Citizens deserved better information about leak of toxic chemical in waterways, mayor says.

Moisture-Triggered Motions Of New Material Harnessed To Generate Electrical Power

Researchers develop composite material that could sustainably charge small electronic devices in the future



Government & Policy

Report finds agency is adrift without clear goals, and U.S. leadership in space science will suffer
New chief navigates tough path forward through drug development bottleneck
(pp. 29-31)